Sally Kern, your name makes me think of popcorn

I see no reason why Sally Kern, the batshit fucking insane Christian lawmaker from Oklahoma, should apologize for her anti-gay speech. I hope she doesn’t, and it boggles my mind why so many people are demanding her apology?


You are essentially demanding her to lie. If that could possibly make you feel better then you are as deluded as she is.

BTW in case you are in the dark about all this, here is her speech:

Yeah, she’s pretty evil.

I saw an interview with her today where she refused to apologize for her beliefs. Right on to that at least.

Look, to everyone who is outraged (and I am as well!): You want to this kind of speech to end, make sure she doesn’t get re-elected. If you believe at all in democracy let it do it’s work, and help it if need be. But don’t pretend to yourself that this woman is going to somehow feel bad about this. This is what she thinks and believes, and no matter how callous and evil she is, she ain’t gonna change. On the bright side, millions of people are going to know what a crackpot she is.

This is a good thing.

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