And it drags on

And on…

As much as I hate to see Clinton make gains by employing dirty tricks, I guess it’s good preparation for Obama, if he makes the nomination. Still, aside from the attack dogs on both sides, I believe that an Obama vs. McCain election would be a remarkable civil one.

Sigh… But alas, the media. This primary season is highlighting the true bias in the media. It was never about a liberal bias or conservative bias, in the mainstream media (of course diregarding the pundits). It is always about the story. It is always about what would attract the most viewers. This makes sense; they are a business. So the stories they seek are about what will capture the imagination of the people, captivate them, draw them into the drama that they can sculpt out of real events.

The best story that could come out of the democratic primary is a razor close, bitter fight for the nomination, taking it all the way to the convention if possible. So the media will naturally attempt to engineer this. I don’t think there has been a clear pro-Obama bias. But when Hillary was in the lead, and seen as inevitable, the press appeared to highlight Obama as a “challenger” and a “visionary”, the adoration parodied on SNL was tactful. They wanted Obama to catch up with Hillary, but not because they wanted him to win. Because they wanted a good story. And so Obama surpassed her, and now they are hounding him, and presenting her as a “fighter”.

It will go back and force as long as they have any influence. Clinton did well in the recent primaries, but she’s still down about 100 delegates. They’ll be shouting “comeback kid!” about her for the new week or so, presumably until Clinton’s polls catch up with Obama’s. Then we’ll see.

One thing that concerns me though. Clinton seems more adept as playing the media game. She knows how to present herself to get a story. Obama’s naiveté is in attempting to elude Clinton’s steel cage match. She wants it and she’s going to get it.

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  1. The Gurftastic Blog

    Here’s the thing I hate. The Repubs for some reason want a McCain v Clinton race. I think because McCain polls ahead of HC. HC is so polarizing. Old people love her, for some reason.. I think because they’re old. But most people either love her or HATE her. WTF? I guess it was a little foolish of me to put so much hope (faith?) in the people of Ohio and Texas, seeing as how stellar a job they’ve done in past elections. But the longer this thing drags on, the more bitter the attacks get, the worse it makes the Dems look, while the Repubs already have a GWB endorsement and can sort of kick back and try to collect their massive hate machine…

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