Mafoo’s WTF Vid of the Day




This apparently is the counterpart to the Yes, We Can video for Obama.

Umm. This makes that video seem like fucking Kubrick.

P.S. Doesn’t the whole vibe seem a little culty? Like, after they’re finished singing they’re all gonna skip on over to the punchbowl and start downing the strychnine?


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2 responses to “Mafoo’s WTF Vid of the Day

  1. The Gurftastic Blog

    Do you get the feeling like everything about Hillary’s campaign is like somehow 95% suckier than Obama’s? First it was the websites… then it’s their videos… well first it was their message, then it was the website… but you know… I dunno… I kinda feel like getting on the badwagon… but I’m kinda disappointed neither of them bothered to vote on FISA… WTF dems???

  2. suzannemarques

    just looks like bad editing job. put it in black and white, put in a better song.. and you’re getting somewhere :)

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