Suck Band of the Week

New feature here on Mafoo Blog USA: Suck Band of the Week. Each week I’ll bring you… well I think you get the idea.

First off:

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Farmed from members of The Guess Who, who were actually alright (American Woman), BTO rose to prominence, or notoriety, in the mid 70s. Their breakout single was Takin’ Care of Business, which I personally think is one of the lamest songs ever recorded. I live in New York, and in vicinity to New Jersey more importantly, and for some reason this song is like the fucking Star Spangled Banner to people out here. Anytime you go anywhere, it is there. They play it at every sporting event, on commercials; hell I heard it at Chuck E Cheeses this weekend! It literally means: getting something done; therefore it is applicable to every situation that has ever happened or will happen. Every time I hear this song I picture some community fair with a bunch of overweight Jerseyans gnashing out a near identical cover to the delight of banality-seeking, turkey leg-gnawing white people. Ok, I just had to let that out. Ironically, BTO are from Winnipeg. Hmmm.

Their next hit was, keeping with the trend of utilizing clichés in dialect for their songs, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. It’s a song about a guy who tells a girl, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. Again the song is applicable in almost every situation, which is why it’s been whored out by every stadium, office supply store, and political party. BTO needs to just record a song called Stuff.

Luckily those were their only two significant hits. But the nightmare didn’t stop. For a time during the 80s, there where actually two BTOs, each led by a Bachman brother, leading to a lawsuit between brothers and bla bla bla a bunch of shit that you would expect lame, glory hog, rock musicians to do.

Luckily, they’re pretty much gone now. But, Randy Bachman has had a recent hit with his Christmas-themed tune: Takin’ Care of Christmas. Get it? It’s like Takin’ Care of Business but with Christmas instead. Yeah. Ha ha he hmmmmmmm…

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  1. Michael

    buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh bbbbbaby yoou jjjjjuuust aint seen n n n n n n n n othing yet… its like musical turrets

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