Super Inspired – Yes We Can follow-up

In case you were wondering about the, ya know, breadth of political and social insight of the people behind the Yes We Can video, here are and Jesse Dylan (Bob Dylan’s son! wtf?) discussing the song:

Now seems like a nice guy (I actually dug Behind the Front) and Jesse Dylan seems harmless enough, be these guys hardly have substantial knowledge about the political realm.

Here is my favorite quote:

Alisha Davis: So, what are some of the changes you wanna see right now? (pause) Education. (pause) America’s finance, you know, getting our dollar back up to where it should be.

Jesse Dylan: Stopping the war. (smiles and looks around slyly) Stopping the war. Um… Health. Um… International policies. Ya know, good things?

Alisha Davis: Good things, we can support that.

So, yeah, not the brightest bunch. But you know what? It’s ok. They’re artists. The video is moving and inspiring on a purely emotional level. People respond to that. Sometimes it takes emotional impact for people to get off of their asses for a cause.
The I Have A Dream speech is really a poem; there is not much in terms of policy that King was speaking of, but it is a work of art, and I think that it helped to inspire the civil rights movement.

But of course, the cynic in me still thinks the video is bullshit. It still seems like it is more of a way to help launch Scarlett Johannson’s debut album, or revive Tatyana Ali‘s career. And why do I find Kate Walsh so immensely unlikable??

Ok, this post is now both digressing and becoming bitchy. My point is that it is hard to look at a bunch of sexy millionaires, who have varying degrees of talent in areas other than government, and see it as anything but something directed towards children. To me it’s no different than putting Michael Jordan on the Wheaties box.

What does Michael Jordan have to do with Wheaties?

Nothing, eat the fucking cereal.

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