Good ol’ rock. Nothing beats that.

The secret to winning at Rock, paper, scissors.

I can’t believe I had never heard this story:

A Japanese art collector who could not decide whether to sell his Impressionist paintings through Christie’s or rival auction house Sotheby’s, instructed them to play the game against each other.

Christie’s consulted its employees on strategies and, on the advice of the director’s 11-year-old daughters, chose scissors.

The little girls, keen fans of the game, explained that “everybody expects you to choose rock”.

As predicted, Sotheby’s went for the open palm in a bid to beat the expected clenched fist, and lost the deal.

Of course, the more devious RPS strategy is to play for what you don’t want and intentionally lose. Most people won’t be able to pass up the allure of a RPS game. Just play a millisecond late, nobody will care as long as they are winning. Mwa ha ha.

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  1. Melly

    And here I thought I was the RPS master…..

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