What I did in 2007

Learned how to reprogram a NBX 100

Went to a drag show with my mom, sister, niece, and girlfriend

Beta-tested for Ableton Live 7

Played my first professional recital

Waiting patiently for 7 months (and counting!) for the return of Lost

Ditto for BSG

Ate bull’s penis

Had two blood transfusions

Recorded a new Alarm Will Sound album

Got freaky on the subway

Finally learned about dynamic range compression

Arrived at a gig with no music, had Melly fax the music from home to the fax machine in a conveniently open church office, and played the concert on fax sheets while telling nary a soul of my brush with disaster.

Had a botched operation that I narrowly survived

Started a real blog

Started a podcast

Drank Everclear for he first time (oy…)

Lived through a tornado

Created an ensemble/produced my first concert

Was banned from a Cleveland bar for attempting to pay my bill with a credit card

Pissed off D.J. Spooky

Had a morphine button for a week

Waited 8 months for a thousand-dollar check

Laughed as my friend had his arm broken

Finished my Master’s Program

Ducked creditors seeking tons of money I do not actually owe

Played a solo, sang, and performed original electronic music at Carnegie Hall

Took my longest break from horn ever

Wrote more music than I have in my entire life

Left in the middle of a rehearsal for a Carnegie Hall performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony (playing principal) with Benjamin Zander to hop on a train to New Haven and check myself into the emergency room.

Began writing a musical

Finally got on Gmail/Fell in love with Google Reader/ Had my life changed by getting Google Maps on my phone

Walked 3 miles up a mountain in the snow, in Vermont, in sneakers due to bad information Google Maps gave me

Collaborated with Melly a whole bunch

Played concerts in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Holland, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and New York (duh.)

Transcribed and arranged a piece of music for a concert for the first time

Spent my 27th birthday eating tater tots and drinking Shirley Temples

Gained and lost 20 pounds through no effort of my own

(P.S. this will be updated as I think of more. Feel free to leave any additions in the comments section!)

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  1. The Gurftastic Blog

    Don’t forget incessantly bitched at the Gurfman to A) get a real blog, B) dump his girlfriend, C) get an iPhone, D) sack the fuck UP, E) eat some sort of canned pho-meat products… I’m 4-5…

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