My new favorite blog.

Covering the Mouse, a daily feature of all manner of Disney covers. I am not ashamed to admit my roller-coaster affinity for all things Disney musical.
This is the type of blog I appreciate the most in my Google Reader, it’s about one post a day, usually of something that is interesting, brightens your day, and is often hilariously corny. Some of the covers are surprisingly good and some surprisingly bad. Best of all are the songs that I have never heard of before. Here is the one for today, from The Happiest Millionaire, a soundtrack I should know, since I own it on vinyl.
It won’t be long before Christmas by Diana Ross and the Supremes.
(Btw I kinda like this song…)

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Note: this is not to be confused with my other Disney-related recently favorited blog, Mickey Feio, a blog that consists entirely of pictures of creepy knock-off Mickey Mouses (Mice?)
For example:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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