Germany to ban Scientology

Come on… let the crazy sci-fi cultists have their fun… They are not really doing any harm, except to people dumb enough to fall for their extraordinarily simple-minded bullcrap. Although that tends to be the M.O. of the E.U. at times, protecting the extraordinarily simple-minded people from themselves.

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2 responses to “Germany to ban Scientology

  1. Anonymous

    Well, when you consider that they have gone after people who have been deprived of their full thinking capacity by tragic accidents, and have duped them out of the very settlement awards that were meant to compensate them for the damage they’d suffered, you realize that the Scientologists are not just lovable rogues, hearty hucksters whose only prey are those who stubbornly choose not to exercise critical thinking skills. They are vultures who will prey on the victims of any tragedy.

  2. Mafoo

    Yes, that is the age-old argument in all matters involving the freedom to make bad decisions. It is tough, but as always it is a slippery slope. I’ve attended churches in the past that I’ve considered to be damaging, and I remember several people with down syndrome in the congregation. The same case can always be made regarding children, which as history has shown are always the first to be exploited. But just as I don’t think that drugs, pornography, and hate speech should be banned because of the small minority of young and weak-willed people who might be swept up in it, I don’t think Scientology should be banned, even though I think it is an insane cult that has consistently abused it’s core membership.

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