Banned from Playing Music for 5 Years

Judge bans a musician from playing music for 5 years. This is odd. I mean, the guy sounds like a creep, but on what authority can a judge order a musician to refrain from performing? That’s bullshit. Not that the dude’s band was particularly good (here is the Myspace for the band, NAILWOUNDS), but that shouldn’t matter.

“You love your music,” the judge told the defendant. “Your music has been the tool by which you have ingratiated your way into the lives of these girls. You may not play in a band in any public appearances during the term of your probationary period. I’m taking away from you the tools by which you worked your misdeeds, sir.”

Million bucks that judge listens to John Tesh.

(PS this is my 100th Post on this blog!)

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