Ensemble de Sade Concert tonight

Anyone in or around New York. Come check out this crazy concert I am developing with Mellissa Hughes and James Moore. I promise you it will be unlike any concert you’ve been to. Yeah, yeah, yeah you’ve heard that all before… Let’s put it this way. I really hope you like Tang.

Ensemble de Sade strives to revolutionize the relationship between performer and audience. While the standard deviation from the traditional concert modes has been to relax the boundaries between performer and audience, Ensemble de Sade seeks an intensification of the boundaries, an increase of the tension between the two opposing sides. The underlying hostility will become the basis for a new expression, one that exposes and utilizes the thinly concealed expressions of masochism and sadism inherent in all performance settings.

Music by: Michael Nyman, John Zorn, Krzysztof Penderecki, and featuring a radical imagining of Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire


Ensemble de Sade is:

Caleb Burhans – violin/viola
Mellissa Hughes – voice
Bill Kalinkos – clarinet
Kelli Kathman – flute
Amir Kohrospour – piano
Matt Marks – horn
Kevin McFarland – cello
James Moore – guitar
John Pickford Richards – viola
Wil Smith – organ

and featuring Sara Katzoff as the Mistress of Ceremonies

It is on Friday December 7th at 8:00pm

First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn Heights
124 Henry St. Brooklyn NY


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