Digital Global Trans-Analog Connectivity 2

As a follow-up to my recent post on DJ Spooky, which that Subliminal Kid didn’t like none too much (though props to him for steppin’ up!), I came across this article on a major AIDS charity called African Aid Action (supported by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu), that has sharp words for celebrity activists such as Bono and others.
Head of African Aid Action, Jobs Selasie states:

“Aid has failed because campaigners, charities and governments do not have the right plan and excluded African entrepreneurs and grassroots organisations from being part of the solution,” said Selasie.

“You can’t impose change from without,” he continued. “It has to come from within and we won’t end poverty with handouts. Africans need to fight corruption and work hard.”

Africa will succeed only if international investors will take the risk of supporting African businesses. Handouts from the wealthier countries will always be a temporary fix. I will give money to homeless person on the street, but I never think that the dollar I gave him will pull him out of his situation. It will buy him a sandwich. Too often I hear of peoples’ fear of globalization, specifically in that continent. Our capitalist liberal democracy may not be perfect, but anything would be better than prolonging the continued tragic situation much of Africa is in, most familiarly in the Darfur region of Sudan, and even more so in the DRC.

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