Recursive hypocrisy

Gurf tipped me to this curiously meta posting on Alternet featuring video of Keith Olbermann criticizing Fox News and Bill O’Reilly on his show for showing somewhat explicit images under the guise of denouncing it, whilst obviously using the material in a sensationalist manner. Well yes, Fox News is really no better than those hilarious, in retrospect I’m sure, exploitation films from the 30s. But, Keith Olbermann shows the same material in his segment that criticizes O’Reilly for showing it. Couldn’t one argue that he is just exploiting the material under the guise of denouncing O’Reilly. And perhaps I am just exploiting the material under the guise of denouncing Olbermann’s hypocrisy. Quick, someone jump on the meta-wagon and denounce me for some reason as an excuse to link to the sexy material which shows, for example, sexy spring break footage during a story about a serial killer. See? Don’t you wanna check out the story now?

Hey maybe plenty of people will be interested in my recursive-hypocrisy idea and will start reading my blog more. Then I can be accused of exploiting my own idea for the goal of receiving more hits on my blog. And if all goes as planned someone will denounce the accuser for trying to leach onto my success. Then I will criticize that person for being overly cynical under the guise of appearing open to criticism, but my sinister motive will be that I really just want to appear open-minded, when all I really want to do is gain enough hits so that I can start featuring advertising on my blog to receive some revenue. I’ll decide that the quickest and dirtiest way to get some cash will be to feature ads for pornographic material. I’ll be featured in an O’Reilly Factor segment on bloggers who try to cash in on their success by featuring explicit ads, banners, and pop-ups on their blogs. The segment will be called exploitative by Keith Olbermann.

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