Sasha Grey is my new hero

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Sasha Grey is my new hero. Sure it probably makes me appear somewhat slimy announcing a 19 year old hardcore porn star as my new hero, but so be it. She rocks. She is also one of many people to emerge from being a guest on the Tyra Banks Show offended by the chopping and editing job they made of her appearance. You can watch her appearance here. As is usual, the show had an opinion, the dull mainstream conservative and faux-feminist opinion that pornography is merely exploitative. Tyra and her cadre of editors did their best to edit Sasha’s responses and tailor her questions to make her appear as an innocent mislead girl lost in the corrupt world of porn.
According to Sasha’s blog (on Myspace):

When the camera would cut to my responses a majority of the time they were showing you a shot of me listening to Tyra’s questions (ie reaction shots)…. so it appeared as if I had nothing to say. Believe me, I had plenty to say. I started out by voicing my thoughts on the negative aspects of this business, I told Tyra she was judging me, I referred to Pasolini, Madonna, and Peaches… “Every edit is a lie”-Jean Luc Godard.

I have read several other accounts of the restrictive edited narrative of Tyra’s show. Of course, railing at a trashy TV show is futile, it still pisses me off. The best is after Sasha describes a gangbang scene and Tyra says she needs a break to clear her head, wtf… like Tyra didn’t live through shit 10 times more scandalous living the coke-addled life of a supermodel.

Luckily, despite the hack job, you can still get a sense of Sasha’s insightful justification of her chosen life. She doesn’t hide from the risks and controversies of her line of work (unfortunately the producers revel in these admissions) and she appears as a strong person who is not afraid to vastly explore her sexual side. Her background was anything but sordid and her introduction to the world of porn was clearly a matter of choice. But as expected, the show goes out of its way to portray Sasha as a wayward girl ignorant of what is best for herself.

This is also not the first time the Tyra show has reveled in this porn star exploitation to the offense of her guests. Alt-porn star Violet Blue recently explained her surreal Tyra experience on her blog. Fuck Tyra and her safe brand of “empowerment”. If Sasha Grey is not empowered I don’t know who is.

Let’s hope that Sasha Grey is the future of porn: a smart independent starlet who does everything on film short of breaking the law, all with a solid moral justification. She refused to be victimized yet acknowledges the bullshit of the porn industry. If that weren’t enough, in her newest movie, Dave Navarro’s Broken (that’s right, Navarro from Jane’s Addiction), she opens the movie with a masturbation-while-crying scene. She’s brought my favorite joke to life!


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7 responses to “Sasha Grey is my new hero

  1. Anonymous

    “If Sasha Grey is not empowered I don’t know who is.”


    as for tyra? uhm. i bet she probably has issues, and that’s why she’s always been in bad relationships. how sad. :(

    SASHA GREY’s my hero too.

    and im a girl. :))

  2. Manifest0z

    mine too she’s so badass and has a great future in and out of the porn industry

  3. Anonymous

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read in my entire life.

  4. Anonymous

    This is also the stupidest thing I’VE ever read in my entire fucking life. Of course porn is fucking demoralizing and exploitative. That’s the fucking point! Doesn’t anyone get it? The people who make and finance porn KNOW its exploitative, and they find it hilarious that there are retards out there who actually DEBATE the matter. And Sasha Grey as a hero?!?!?! Give me a fucking break. Just because she CHOSE to literally swallow cum on camera doesn’t mean she’s fucking empowered. I can CHOOSE to shit my pants for the next year, but that doesn’t mean its a good decision. And saying that she’s a hero is tantamount to encouraging young girls into porn. It really is. “Hey, Sasha Grey is my hero, everybody! Look at her! What? You don’t know who Sasha Grey is? No worries friends, ‘Google’ her! Then you’ll see what makes her so STRONG and COURAGEOUS and, most importantly, my hero!!!” Choosing porn over all the things she could have done doesn’t mean she’s brave and powerful and strong as a woman, it means she’s a WHORE. Like, literally. A fucking whore. What do you call those who get paid to fuck? Uh…….what? Can anyone tell me? You call them prostitutes. AND Tyra IS a fucking simpleton who tries to push her half-assed, dull-minded agenda on everyone. That’s the reason no one takes her seriously, but come on, fuck the editing job they did on Sasha’s appearance. Even though it was wrong, it’s not like that’s the worst thing anyone’s ever done to Sasha Grey on camera.

  5. morethinking

    This is great, and of course some people will have some negative opinions of her (As shown on the comment section of this blog), but I fully support her. I mean, she's smart and she just tells it like it is. While what Sasha Grey does is rough, it's better than the bullshit, braindead Disney Princess stuff we get from day to day.

  6. Anonymous

    u people are all stupid why would you look it up in the first place you retards.

  7. Anonymous

    Such a pretty face.

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