TV Links Dead??

The death of Let’s hope not. TV Links has long been my favored link website for TV episodes and movies (their growing music video library wasn’t bad either…). Now it turns out that the proprietor has been arrested. I really can’t imagine what they could charge him with, but you never know with British law…

TV Links, as per the name, only posts links to sites, such as YouTube, Stage 6 (my fave in terms of quality), and Veoh. TV Links does not upload content. As the blogger relaying the story notes, charging someone for linking to copyrighted material “effectively makes the entire internet illegal”.

In the meantime, you can find your online TV fix at other good link websites, such as alluc, sidereel, and of course Online Video Guide, which searches a long list of link sites.

I’m going to join in TNF’s protest and post a link to copyrighted material right now (wouldn’t be the first time…)

Pushing Daisies – 1st Episode

Good Show.

PS. Oh, just reading the update, apparently there is talk of organized crime charges. WTF??

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