Book of the Hanging Nooses

Hey. News flash. When you make it incredibly easy for idiots to fuck with shit, idiots will fuck with shit. I mean, I completely understand being offended by a hung noose, that shit is fucked up. Everything it represents from lynchings to capital punishment is horrible. But do you know how easy it is to hang a noose? Boop! Just like that. Just scared and offended millions of people. If you give assholes that kind of power then they will inevitably use it.

There seems to be this paranoid fear that all of these nooses are heralding some new white supremacist movement or something. Is crazy-ass racism present in America? Hell yeah it is, more than people (especially white people) want to admit. But all it takes to throw up a few nooses and draw some graffiti is ONE PERSON: one simple-minded, bored, racist anus-face.

I've never understood the idea of giving so much power to a word, symbol or gesture. Curse-words, flaming crosses, and middle fingers just hold no weight with me. You could throw these at me till the cows come home and I would just look at you blankly. Of course, this is easy to say as a white-ish male in society. But I always come back to the Lenny Bruce argument: the fear and reverence given to these symbols and words is what gives them power.

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