Matt Marks is totally moded by Family Guy

Ok. I was a doubter. I worried about the future of the funniest show on television. Then this last Sunday’s episode came on. Hell yes. What I should have realized is that the one before this was a Brian episode. They tend to be, like his personality, more serious and somewhat romantic, ever since Season One’s Brian in Love.
This last episode, titled Believe it or not, Joe’s walking on air is the sort of episode that tends to have the widest appeal, and surely leaves me in helpless fits of laughter. The use of self-referential/deprecating humor was conspicuous in this episode, with the writers poking fun at criticisms leveled against them by South Park, among others. Once could view these responses either as acts of self-consciousness or as humorous means of transcendence. I tend to be optimistic about it. I was laughing my ass off, so I approve.

In other humor news. I have always been a fan of slapstick movies, unrealistic comedies such as Airplane, Naked Gun, even the Hot Shots movies made me laugh. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but the newest movie to emerge from the genre, The Comebacks, just looks awful. It could be because I’m just generally not a sports fan, but come on, one scene shows referees with dark glasses and canes. Oh! I get it they’re blind! A-he he… It could be just my growing older, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the Scary Movie series, I just generally think the two young Wayans brothers are about as funny as a tube of Metemucil. No, actually Metemucil at times can be quite hilarious. I actually think David Koechner was pretty funny in SNL, Anchorman, and The Office, but I will sit this one out.

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