Google Reader out of Labs

Google Reader, which has become a daily routine for me, has just come out of Google Labs (which is G-speak for Beta). I can’t tell you how much of a Reader slave I have become. It essentially collects and stores all of your RSS feeds in one place, thereby saving you the need of checking every single blog and website manually for updates. You simply subscribe to each feed and Reader keeps them all in one place. I have a good amount of blogs and stuff in there, so every day I have between 100-200 new posts that I sift through. It can often be a info glut at times, but using the key commands and maintaining a discriminatory perspective on the mass of info is necessary. I am the type of person who needs to feel current with the times so it is a nice alternative to sifting through numerous websites, and their numerous ads.

Also emerging from Labs is GOOG 411, which is an awesome alternative to the traditional paid 411 bullshit.

I really dig the map feature. Having Google Maps on my phone has seriously changed my life.

Oh Google Masters please enslave the planet with your superiors ideas!

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