Tornado kicks Brooklyn’s ass

Ok, so by now you’ve heard of the TORNADO that made Brooklyn its bitch early yesterday morning. This is funny, especially considering an earlier post of mine about being woken up in the middle of the night by cacophony. Well, yesterday morning Southwestern BK had its ass handed to it, and this is where I happen to live, thus my routine pre-dawn apocalyptic wake-up was a tad more apocalyptic than usual. I awoke to hear the fucking clash of the titans at about 5 in the morning. At first I was like, ok Matt this is no big deal, it’s a storm – it’s fine. Yeah, not so much… I eventually went in my living room and looked out the window and it was like that scene from Terminator 2 where Sarah Connor is imagining the H-bombs blowing through a playground. You remember that scene, right? She’s at the chain link fence screaming as the children are turned to dust. Well, that was me. Except the chain link fence was the window in my living room and the children being blown to dust was a myriad of trash, branches, rain, and general debris blowing across Church Ave. A real WTF moment.

So I eventually think to myself, “yes, this is fucked up, but hey I’m sleepy, peace consciousness, I’m out” and I went back to bed, sleeping surprisingly well after.

Mellissa left at like 7:30 for work, only to return at about 8:30. Her report was of mass chaos at the subway station, hundreds of people on the tracks, freaking out and waiting for a phantom train that would never come. Trees fallen down all around the neighborhood, store signs broken, store-front windows busted in, and hundreds of people waiting for buses. Oh, and just a general level of trash and debris everywhere.

So I look outside: well……. so this is what the post-apocalyptic world looks like… Yeah it was crazy. All the trains stopped. MTA dudes on TV telling everyone to stay home. Cars stranded in floods in NJ and LI.

The tornado hit three neighborhoods the worst: Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, and Kensington (my neighborhood). I guess Borough Park was probably hit as well, but I don’t think they have discovered electricity yet so who would know?

There is a nice little K-town shout-out on page two of the Times article. They mainly write about the corner of Church Ave. and Dahill, which is… wait for it… exactly where I live. They mention a pizza place whose sign was destroyed. That’s Dahill Pizzeria, who actually just remodeled their place, sad. It’s right across the street from me. The taped-off street they mention is Story, which is right outside my window. I feel special.

The neighborhood is still pretty messed-up. Branches and crap everywhere, several cars destroyed. But we can pull through, right? Oh wait, nobody who reads this lives anywhere near Kensington…

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