Car Pictures from Armenia

Here are a bunch of cars I took pictures of. In most cases I got the emblem and a shot of the car, but sometimes I only got one, usually because I only had a couple seconds to grab it. The most common was Lada, which is a Russian carmaker. Most of the cabs are this make, but I only got a couple shots unfortunately. I think I saw so many that I naturally thought I had more pictures than I got!

I saw a lot of these GAZ cars, which seems to be a Russian/Soviet carmaker:

IMG_4121 IMG_4120




Here’s the back logo of the GAZ cars:


This next one was tricky to figure out, but it turns out it’s made by Kalishnikov, that’s right the same Russian company that makes the AK-47!

IMG_4123IMG_4124 IMG_4089 IMG_4087 IMG_4086

Most of the big trucks were this make, Kamaz. It’s tricky figuring out some of these makes, since Russian uses a different alphabet, cyrillic. And Armenia uses an entirely different one from ours or Russian!


This next one I just can’t figure out. It kind of looks like an make that starts with an “M”, but I’m not sure. Could be middle eastern?



This one is a Chinese maker, BYD. It looks like a completely average Japanese car, but this funky logo tipped me off.


Another mystery, any ideas? in cyrillic those first three letters would be A, Z, P, and then maybe a K? Who knows.

IMG_3990  IMG_3989

And here’s the Lada cab.



I even got to ride in one! Not as small inside as it looks.


We kept seeing this weird van that looks kind of like a VW bus. It turns out it’s an Armenian-made van called an ErAZ, apparently the only car Armenia ever made:


Last but not least, we were surprised to come upon this Fairlane in the middle of Yerevan!

IMG_4016 IMG_4015

Hope you enjoyed these pics. It was fun looking at all these cars I’ve never seen before.