Mafoo’s quote of the year

I’m at the Apple Store in Soho yesterday. I sit down for a minute in that little amphitheater place they have upstairs, half paying attention to the presentation the AppleClone is giving. It’s on the new iPhone, which admittedly fucking rules. So he is closing his presentation and he, like totally, goes:

“So yeah, the iPhone is really incredible. I have one and it has totally changed my life.
It’s better than learning Buddhism.

Wow. I mean… wow. Like, I’ve long thought that the Apple culture has been more and more resembling a cult. But this kind of takes it over the edge. It’s becoming downright like scientology (ps. spell-check just flagged scientology because I didn’t capitalze it… what is the world coming to?). I’ve been long creeped out by the droves of AppleClones at their various stores with their black shirts, fashionably tussled hair, their confident swagger that just shrieks “I’m a 2000’s guy. I find my inner peace in a small metal contraption that fits in the palm of my hand.”.

And yes, I’m a Mac owner. And yes, I fucking love their products, goddammit.

But seriously, fucking put a bullet in my head if I ever start acting like
this godforsaken abomination of mankind:

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